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G60DT Mini



  • M1-SH0401 Mobile Digital Video Recorder

  • External AHD infrared camera/s with ip67 rating*

  • Internal AHD infrared camera with optional audio

  • 500GB SD Card fora minimum 7 days recording with optional storage upgrade

  • Status indicator & Cabling kit

  • Built-in GPS to record travel data with video

  • Optional additional cameras and accessories available upon request

  • Fully compliant in NSW, VIC, TAS, NT and QLD

  • *External camera quantity is different per state as regulation differs

    1 Year MDVR Warranty & 1 Year Camera Warranty


    The G60DT MINI is a specially designed taxi surveillance package built to suit the government regulations of each state. The G60DT package comes complete with the M1-SH0401 MDVR, cameras as required by your state, storage media, system status indicator and required seals and advisory stickers. It is the cost-effective taxi camera system that you have been looking for to solve your vehicle CCTV needs.

    MDVR Specifications

    Internal Camera Specifications

    External Camera Specifications