• Eight alarm input interfaces, providing the alarm detection input

  • Two alarm output interfaces, providing the alarm detection output

  • One speed input interface, to detect speed of dashboard

  • Two RS-232 interfaces, to connect external devices

  • Two RS-485 interfaces, used for PTZ , control panel or external devices

  • Simple wiring

  • Overall aesthetic

  • Overview

    DB 26 can provide stable 12V/2A , 5V/1 and GND connection for external devices and it includes 2 boxes. I/O alarm box is a device designed for Mobile Digital Video Record (MDVR), providing the I/O interface of alarm input, alarm output and speed, to realize the functions of alarm test and alarm linkage, etc. RS232/485 wiring box integrate the interface of RS-232, RS-485 and so on, to realize the serial communication between the external device and Mobile Digital Video Record (MDVR).


    Dimensions & Wiring Specification